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Do you want to start learning Python but don’t know where to begin? Do you already know how to write Python code but don’t understand Python installations or how to run your code consistently and easily? This course will teach you how to install and set up Python so that you can run scripts and programs confidently.

The hardest part about learning Python is learning a method for installing Python and setting up environments that is repeatable and works consistently. Once you can do this, it’s pretty easy to find tutorials that will teach you how to write the code you need to know.

I spent years trying different Python installation packages and methods before I finally found a method that worked consistently.

This one thing BOOSTED MY CONFIDENCE as much as feeling comfortable writing code. It doesn’t matter how good you are at writing code if you don’t have a good setup to run your code and manage your packages.

The PROBLEM is that most Python courses don’t dedicate enough time to teaching you about the importance of your Python setup and installation.

WHY? Why skip out on such an important fundamental topic?

Well, the truth is that it’s a little BORING. and it’s a little COMPLICATED. But if you take the time to learn it now you’ll avoid so many problems in the future. Besides, if you don’t learn this stuff how are you actually going to run the code you write?

And that’s why I made the course FREE. It’s just so IMPORTANT that I don’t want a price to scare you from two hours of Python installation and environment management.

IF you’ve tried to LEARN PYTHON before but it just didn’t take, IF you’re trying to learn for the FIRST TIME, or IF you’re tired of searching forums and websites for how to get the amazing script you wrote to ACTUALLY RUN then THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU.

It’s FREE. Sign up now and you’ll get at least some of your problems solved.

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