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As a geologist moving into the GIS business I am really happy that I found this course, since we do work with a lot of shapefiles, and all my efforts in using PyQGIS-based solutions became obsolete with the introduction of QGIS 3. This step-by-step guide was extremely helpful (especially when it comes to how to set up the whole system for such sort of work) not just to sharpen my still crude and dull python coding skills, but also to develop some sense of “good habits” in writing Python scripts and tools for QGIS itself. To me, this material is worth every penny.
Beres Tamas
I followed the author on YouTube as well. His tutorials are very helpful and he shows step-by-step what to do without skipping any errors that might occur live. Good stuff!
Davide Di Mauro
The course was really helpful for me, as I got more familiar with QGIS Python API. I’ve managed to automate processes for the statistical analysis of my thesis that deals with precision agriculture applications (vegetation indexes, optical sensors). The course is very comprehensive and the lecturer explained every concept very clearly. I would love to recommend everyone who works with GIS analysis to take this lesson.
Vlasis Mangidis

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